About Us

Lee’s Sporting Goods first opened its doors in Huntsville, Ala., in 1987 as a full-service, all-purpose sporting goods retail store. When second-generation owner Brian Lee and business partner Jeff Scott took over the day-to-day operations in 1998, they gradually moved toward more of a niche market — team sports and spirit wear. The decision was so popular amongst Lee’s customers that ten years later, they eliminated most of their retail business so they could focus entirely on providing quality team gear and uniforms to Northern Alabama high schools, youth organizations, and universities.
With this refined niche, Lee’s Sporting Goods has been better able to ensure that its team customers are the first to have access to the newest products, brands, and technological improvements. Each year as manufacturers roll out their new products, Brian with his 18 years of experience and Scott with over 30 years of experience research these new offerings to determine if they’re worthy of a spot in their business’s team gear roster.
Coaches: Rest assured that when you shop Lee’s Sporting Goods, you’re shopping the most up-to-date inventory of quality team products on the market. And, that Lee’s dedicated staff will work with you one on one to outfit your team quickly and easily, by helping develop a punch list of items selected specifically for your team. 
Once coaches have worked with the specialists at Lee’s to create an ideal supply list for their teams, they simply pass along this list to their players, who may order quickly and easily through Lee’s Required Team Gear website ― or the old-fashioned way, via paper or phone. Lee’s is here to streamline the process for coaches and athletes and their parents.             
If your team is in the market for uniforms, gear, spirit wear, or anything else team-sports related, call us today at (256) 883-2166. We’ll do whatever we can to turn you into one of our lifelong customers!